High Performance, Luxury In-ear Headphones

High Quality Materials Optimised to Fit Your Needs

BassBuds™ Quality Earphones Crafted to the Finest Detail


Light-Weight, Precision-Cut, High Quality Aluminium Housing

In ear headphones experience a lot of life’s wear and tear. They get rained on, chewed on, pulled and twisted before being thrown into the bottom of the deepest bags. So we’ve made sure BassBuds™ in ear headphones will withstand everything that you throw at it. The high grade aluminium earphone housing is:

High Quality making it super Durable
Precision-Cut for sharp, balanced housing
Light Weight so it won’t weigh you down


Gold Plated jack for optimum connectivity

Our 3.5mm BassBuds™ headphone audio jack is Gold Plated to creating a boosted connection. The signals passed through our BassBudsTM in ear headphones to your device will be stronger than normal, creating a high sound quality. You won’t get those annoying broken or fuzzy sounds making for a more enjoyable listening experience.

Maximised Performance with proven results

The Speaker diaphragm is composed of Lightweight Recycled PET materials and the diaphragm patterns are uniquely designed to maximise the performance of the micro speaker. Reading multiple earphone reviews prove that the uniquely developed BassBuds™ chamber allows for the sound to travel out of the micro speaker in a way that causes minimal distortion, creating an unrivalled quality earphones sound in BassBuds™.