High Performance, Luxury In-ear Headphones

Compatible with all smartphones & Audio Devices

BassBuds™ are Earphones for Blackberry, Earphones for Lumia, Earphones for Android, Earphones for Samsung, Earphones for iPhone, iPod, iPad… the list goes on!


The high quality integrated Mic is compatible with All Smart Phones. That means if you are looking for earphones for your iPhone, or earphones for your Blackberry, earphones for Lumia, Samsung, earphones for HTCs you need look no further! BassBuds™ is such an amazing investment as there are so few earphones out there that are compatible with all smartphones on the market.

BassBuds™ are what we like to call iProof – which means that whether it’s your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you have full compatibility with all Apple products.


But that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about Android technology, or Blackberrys. This is one of our favourite features, as no matter what your next phone upgrade is – you’ll always able to use your BassBuds™ – making them amazing value for money. The call and MP3 controller is compatible with most smart phones and MP3 players.