High Performance, Luxury In-ear Headphones

Earphones with Hands Free Mic

Chat to your heart’s content with BassBuds™


Minimum Effort, Maximum Communication

BassBuds™ quality design comes with a superior quality integrated microphone. Our earphones with microphone are compatible with All Smart Phone Devices. That means that these earphones with mic can be used as a hands free ear piece, making control of your devices so much easier. You can enjoy more time catching up with your loved ones, and less time messing around with buttons and wires.

New Voice Control Feature

With the New Voice Control feature, you now have the convenience of controlling your phone or making calls without the need for fiddling around with your phone or pulling over while you’re driving. BassBuds™ earphones with remote and mic can be used in conjunction with Voice Control commands on most smart phones. You can call, search and activate apps with voice control all through your BassBuds™. With BassBuds™ earphones with mic, it’s never been easier to keep up-to-date with your friends and family whilst you’re driving, travelling on-the-go, or simply around the house.


BassBuds™ Earphones with Mic makes Life Easier in Style

These earphones with mic and remote control help you to do the things you want to do, without the hassle of mucking around with phones, pockets and cases. And because they’re compatible with all smart phone devices, no matter what your next phone upgrade is – you’ll always able to use your BassBuds™ – making them amazing value for money.