High Performance, Luxury In-ear Headphones

Styled with Swarovski

Stunning colours. Sleek design. Sparkling SWAROVSKI ®.



These sleek and stylish in earphones see high spec design combined with amazing features. We’re proud of our unique partnership with Crystal Brand Leaders Swarovski and the Swarovski elements embedded into the back of the sound chamber make our stylish in earphones beautiful with a touch of class.
High Quality Technology protected in Light-Weight, Precision-Cut, High Quality Aluminium Housing

The earphone housing is made with precision-cut aluminium, making BassBuds™ in ear earphones both durable and lightweight. The brushed aluminium casing really showcases the fantastic colour range from Vibrant Red to Enigmatic and Sleek Midnight (our top seller for Men!).


Stylish In Earphones perfect for you

BassBuds™ are great for every part of life, and now allow you to look good without compromising high quality sound and features. The Classic Design is Versatile making BassBuds™ fantastic earphones for women, cute earphones for girls. They are Excellent In Earphones for Runners as well as strong contenders for using with PC, phones and other devices.