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BassBuds Platinum Hero Highres
BassBuds Platinum Hero HighresBassBuds Platinum Controller HighresBassBuds Platinum Jack Highres

Bassbuds classics -platinum


What You'll Get:
BassBuds™ High Performance Platinum Earphones
Built-in Mic/MP3 Controller
Luxury Gift Box + Free Accessories Bundle

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So you can now see for yourself, BassBuds™ wins 8 out 12 categories, jointly winning 3 of the other categories. Therefore, you can rest assured that there is simply No Comparison between us and the competition.



BassBuds™ platinum earphones are specially crafted to provide you with an unforgettable listening experience as well as host of features including a built-in mic and MP3 controller, a unique colour range MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ® ELEMENTS and free accessories as standard.

Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology brings you ultra-distortion free bass and crisp treble. Enter into a zone of superior sound quality, High Definition crystal clear Advanced Crystaltronics through your Platinum BassBuds™ in ear earphones. You will listen to your favourite songs and experience them like you have never done before!

Advanced Crystaltronics together with silicone and memory foam ear buds (included) make BassBuds™ the perfect noise isolating in ear earphones – you can hear your music without any external interference.

Platinum BassBuds™ are not just a high quality, stunning pair of in ear earphones. They have the added convenience of an easy and simple hands-free mic and MP3 controller. You’ll enjoy quick-access to answering/ending your calls, play/pause your MP3 player, skip forward and back through your music and even interact with voice control commands. With BassBuds™ in ear earphones, you’ll have complete control over of your music and hands-free calling, all without ever needing to access your phone or dig through your pockets for your MP3 player.


Stylish Platinum earphones
Deep, rich bass tones and crisp trebles
Lightweight aluminium construction
Control music playback
Answer and end calls
Luxury gift box
FREE accessories bundle


What’s in the Box

Platinum BassBuds™ in-ear headphones with handsfree mic and MP3 controller
Soft storage and travel bag
6 pairs of silicone tips
3 pairs of memory foam tips


Compatibility Information

The mic is supported by all smartphones.
The MP3 controller is supported by all smartphones (some Android smart phones may not support all functions).

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